24 of March, 2021 Ukraine established new border crossing rules. Ukrainian government has removed the division of countries into red and green zones. Now the same rules act for all foreigners. 

Please note: from May 2, 2021, there are separate rules for the entry of foreigners and citizens of Ukraine who has been to India.

Border crossing rules for foreigners to Ukraine

Foreign citizens at the border must have a certificate of a PCR test for coronavirus. The analysis must have a negative result, which confirms that you are not ill. From the moment of testing to the moment of crossing the border of Ukraine, no more than 72 hours should pass. Also for foreigners it is obligatory to have travel insurance which covers, if necessary, treatment for COVID-19. Foreigners, who are permanently residing in Ukraine, are exempted from medical insurance. For persons under 11 years old it is allowed not to take the test and not go through self-isolation.

Transit through the territory of Ukraine

The government of Ukraine has removed the privilege for travelers who could transit through Ukraine to third countries within two days. Now, for transit, the same rules apply as for entering Ukraine — you must have a certificate of testing for coronavirus.

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