The language barrier, cultural differences, and lack of knowledge of the area – all this can cause some problems in a foreign country. To reduce inconvenience to a minimum, it makes sense to contact an interpreter who can accompany you. He can help you to feel free in the country.

This person can play a role of companion who will provide different assistance: from receiving at the airport to going shopping, etc. He can also be ready to answer the most unexpected questions of foreign guests.  Interpreter will tell about rich history of the capital, will show and tell about the places of interest, will devote in particular culture and life.

Escort includes:

  • meeting at the airport;
  • check in;
  • mini excursions around the city;
  • different visits, for example meetings, dating, going shopping, etc.;
  • helping with communication problems, searching for necessary information. etc.;
  • finding entertainment, including night clubs.

The cost of escort interpretation calculated: 1 hour — 10 dollars.

You will have a great holiday full of vivid impressions. I welcome you to try escorting interpretation services in Kiev and feel the freedom and the convenience while staying here!